"I wake up somewhere in Ohio. Or, that’s how it smells,"

I know I’ve written about this before (at some point), but I truly cannot get over the shit storm that is the crowd at indie shows. Everyone is so self-involved, ignorant, and there for just about anything other than the music. 

There was a girl eating sushi and stabbing people with the chopsticks, a girl going down on her boyfriend, a man who smelled like rotting olives grabbing asses, a couple screaming reviews of the band’s music while the band was playing, the collective crowd was talking so loudly that the opener had to ask everyone to shut up, a girl screaming the wrong lyrics/spitting on people’s heads, and countless other insanely obnoxious things were happening. 

Indie kids are seemingly into music for all the wrong reasons. There’s no sense of community or decency. I think that’s part of why I love punk, screamo, and pretty much anything else over indie shows. This was proven as I was leaving and a girl came up to me and said, “hey, you don’t know me, but I see you at every cool punk/ska show. I always stand by you and your tall male friends block me, but you seem rad and I know I’ll be seeing you at the Slackers on May 2nd so let’s dance!” That’s the kind of community that is fostered at the Grog Shop and more DIY shows. But indie is more about bragging rights or something. Whatever it is, I hate it. 

My favorite thing in my sisters apartment.

My favorite thing in my sisters apartment.

"Death & sex tickle the same damn spot,"

I don’t like shoes // boyfriend wears cool t-shirts.

Weston (my 5 y/o nephew): man, libraries are so cool. There are so many books and movies and they don’t cost a thing!

Me: I know and even cooler they’re everywhere.

Weston: You know, they’re so cool I bet they even have them in Canada!

I love Margot & the Nuclear So and So’s a lot & their new record is real good & all, but Richard, darling, must you write so many lyrics about smoking weed/blowin’ coke?

the answer is no. 

Bret Easton Ellis is a lot of things, but a strong script writer is not one of them.

I made it fifteen minutes into the Canyons before realizing it’s basically a “movie” where Lindsay Lohan is bangin’ an actual porn star. So, I guess if you’ve ever wanted to see a low budget porn starting Lindsay Lohan, this is totally a movie for you.

Everyone is hyped about Orange is the New Black coming back, but honestly, I watched it so fast, so long ago that I almost remember nothing except crazy eyes & lady prison lookin’ like a slumber party.

I met the most rad little kid at the park today. She was born a boy, but identified with being a girl. Her name was Ray and she prefers to be called Raya. She was wearing a bright pink sweater with a heart on it and a huge floral headband. Raya is eight years old and more wise than half the people I’ve ever met. I really wish it weren’t creepy to hang out with small children for longer at parks or take photos because this kid was a rare and wonderful beauty.